A Man that I Could never Write about

If there is somebody I could never write about, it would always be you.

There are a lot of words and stories to tell about you. How you smiled at me at the first time we met. How you hugged me so tight and warm in the cold night, before I left you alone in my city. How calling you before going to sleep was a great choice, because your voice made my insomnia away. How busy you were and didn’t have time to meet me.

There are a lot of things to describe you. Someone who loves beach more than the mountains, apposite to me. Music is his life, which different to me, who can still live without music. A family guy, who visits his family almost every weekend, and I am glad to know this.

Hey you, I know you can easily recognize yourself as you read this, you mean a lot to me. It’s nice to have someone who are always there when you need them in a random situation. Someone who listens your whine and cheers you up by saying, it’s nice to consciuosly remember what makes you sad, it heals you, even you’re hurt inside.

How could I said, I could never write about you, when you are reading this now?

Let me say something to you..

Whenever I am down or happy, I could always easily write about it. When I am in love, I could easily tell my feeling through words. Sometimes I made a romantic (non-)fiction stories based on my feeling, but about you, I have only written one or two stories, and then I fade up making another.

Could you please tell me why it happened to me? I am confused.

It isn’t only writer’s block, but I really lost my words to describe you and me. I didn’t find any nice word to say, “It was a wonderful night with him. We walked in downtown, from the library at my University to central station.” Well, it was just a walk. A few kilometers long, but it was one of the best things I had in my life. And some time, that kind of thing would hard to say, because it is too precious to blab out.

Some times, you just don’t know how to spell love.


2 thoughts on “A Man that I Could never Write about

  1. Rizqi Fahma says:

    Oh my God.
    I like the way you write this post. 🙂
    I read it slowly and repeated it couple times. It’s so honest, pure and “brave”. It must be coming from a deep feeling inside your heart.

    If I were him, I must have been enchanted and so happy eventually

    I think I know how does it feel to have those experiences, walked around, talked about many things, etc.

    Don’t be worry, he will read it!

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