Potato Doughnuts

If I like someone, I am gonna try to make some food for him. I am a conservative woman who thinks, how to make a man likes you is to make their stomach full with delicious food.

So this week I learnt to make potato doughnuts! It wasn’t something new for me to make this snack, since I used to make it as I was still in Indonesia about four years ago, and the last time I made it was three years ago in Germany at my work and it was horrible.

Yesterday I made it and it was pretty nice, eventhough I’ve put too little yeast. I was so clumsy to read one sachet of yeast was 75 gramm, the fact.. It was only 7 gramm, and I only put about 3-4 gramm to the dough. The dough needs 11 gramm of yeast. Stupid me!

People learn from mistakes. I am gonna make it better next time when I meet him again.



9 thoughts on “Potato Doughnuts

  1. pinkuonna says:

    Agree with you 🙂 One of the way to get the attention from the person we like is from delicious foods 🙂 Like Japanese said : Gambatte!!! Hope more success in the future 🙂

  2. sharot says:

    Well….seems good….by the way,,,i will give you my recipes how 2 cook it and believe it or not i have tried to cook it by myself,,,and delicious i think 😆
    1/4 kg wheat
    2 spoons of sugar
    1/2 spoons of fermivan
    1/4 sachets of packed margarin
    2 spoons of powder milk (dancow)
    1 boiled potatoe (crash it before mixing with dough)

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