Need: New Room

I am looking for a new room, not because I don’t feel comfy anymore to live where I am in, but the baby is getting bigger and he needs his room 🙂

Looking a new place in Hamburg is always be a big deal. It is always difficult to find a cheap yet cozy please here, since Hamburg is the second most expensive city in Germany. I should start  searching months ago, but I was too lazy 😥 Cause my income isn’t so big, I can only pay until 250 euro per month. I don’t really care how big is the room, what importants for me are cheap yet cozy, not so far away from work and uni (Finkenwerder and Dammtor), near from bus or U/S-Bahn station, and of course nice housemate.

Besides looking for a new room, my friend and I are looking for new flat, we’re going to live together. Yesterday we got viewing appointment for a flat in Harburg. It costs only 490 euro (not included water, electricity, and gas), has 2 bedrooms, big kitchen (included washmachine, kitchen set, and big refrigerator), but yeah.. Who doesn’t want a flat like that? There was 3 other groups with us and today another groups would also come. We are aksed about our income and how long we would stay in Hamburg (all of us are foreigner). The decision will be told next week, hope we’ll get the flat! *finger cross*


9 thoughts on “Need: New Room

  1. Fascha says:

    Mudah- mudahan dapet ya Jeng 🙂
    Dimana- mana cari kontrakan susah yeh, kalo disini harus ngantri bertahun- tahun dulu kalo mau ngontrak, kecuali 2nd hand baru bisa langsung.

    • mariskaajeng says:

      makasiih.. 🙂 iyaaa, susah ya cari kontrakan baru di sini, tak semudah di Indo. hihihi. temen juga nyari sudah bertahun-tahun ga dapet. kalau mau cepet bisa lewat perantara tapi harus bayar komisi. duh 😦

  2. zilko says:

    Hopefully you get the flat 🙂 I think we are quite in a similar situation as I plan to go to an agent next week to start looking for one, hahaha 🙂 .

    Btw, but still, compared to the Netherlands, housing in Germany is cheap. For one, I won’t be, ever, able to find something for €250 per month; even social housing normally costs more than that!! Hahaha 🙂 .

    • mariskaajeng says:

      €250 per month is only for a room and we share the flat with others, and yes for that price is actually a lot difficult to find. well for one room flat will be cost about €350 per month. I heard Netherlands costs more than Germany, no wonder you have to pay more than me 😉

      semoga dapet flat baru juga ya Ko 🙂

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