Berlin and Berlin

Coincidentally found this video on Youtube. A minute video about one of district of Berlin named Kreuzberg. Remember my post about My Fest on May 1st last year? Yes, it was in Kreuzberg. It reminds me also to a small restaurant near the U-Bahn station or a fancy-expensive Turkey restaurant near the Mosque. Once in the summer I crossed the park in the afternoon, there were million people took apart on one of the largest grill party in Berlin.

I have been lived in Altlandsberg, a small city outskirt Berlin, for about 5 months. It was the 2nd city in Germany where I used to live in after Wiesbaden. Every times I got bored, I took a walk to Berlin. It takes about 45 minutes with public transportation from my home to Berlin central station. I was in love with Berlin at the first time I stepped in there.

When was the last time I were in Berlin? On my birthday, November 21st last year. Yeah, 3 months ago but feels like forever. I miss Berlin so much.

Please see the other videos too. You’re gonna love Berlin like I did!

Mauerpark Flea Market


Tempelhof Airport

*Thanks GNYBerlin a.ka In A Berlin Minute for the amazing videos!


7 thoughts on “Berlin and Berlin

  1. Nina Meidania ニナメイダニア says:


    aaa. I envy you coz I really wanna go abroad T_T

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