You know you’ve been in Germany too long when..

Bulan lalu dosen saya posting link menarik tentang habit yang berubah kalau sudah kelamaan tinggal di Jerman. Saya sih baru setahun lebih dikit, jadi engga banyak kok yang saya setujuin 🙂


Taken from here.

I found this on the lonely planet thorn tree forum (where I go often to check on the situtation in Zimbabwe) and I thought it was pretty funny. I edited it down to only the ones that apply to me:

-You’ve sorted your garbage into at least 3 garbage cans and you know the difference between “Gelbe Sacke” and “Restmull”.
-You get excited that CNN is in English.
-You’ve watched the Simpsons in German and hated it.
-You’ve laughed at a German trying to say “squirrel”.
-You know what a “Klo” is and you’ve gone “auf” one.
– You know what DB stands for.
-You know the difference between Milka and Ritter Sport (including all their various varieties).
– You know what a WG is, and have lived in one.
– You’ve ever been totally confused on how to open any and all windows / doors / locks.
-You’ve ever had a child tell you “Wir dürfen jetzt”, when waiting for the green man.
– You get irrationally annoyed when the bus / train / tram is over five minutes late.
– You’ve been caught “schwarzfahring” (riding without a ticket) at least once (and pretended not to speak German to get out of it).
– You’ve answered the phone with your last name (eg. “Jones!”, “Williams!”).
– You know the separate functions of the big button and the small button to flush the toilet.
– When “wir sind immer fϋr Sie da: Mo-Mi 0800-2000” (“We are always here for you – Mon. to Wed. 8 am – 8 pm) no longer makes you laugh….
– You know that not looking someone in the eye when toasting will give you seven years bad sex.
-You have gotten extremely frustrated by the fact that the Z and the Y are switched on German keyboards.
-You ask people how they are with grunts like ‘Und?’ or ‘Na?’.
-Your salad dressing has come with some salad.
– You have paid to use a public restroom.
– You’ve completely forgotten a word in English, yet you know what it is in German.
-You know that German efficiency is, in fact, a myth.
– You’ve starved on a Sunday (or every Sunday) because you forgot to get bread / milk / juice / anything at all to eat on Saturday.
-You get to the end of a sentence, and forget which verb / how many verbs you have to put there.
– You don’t understand why you can’t drink beer in the cinema back home.
– Anything with englische Untertiteln excites you.
– You’ve carried your groceries home in a cloth sack.
– Your friends (your brother!) ask you to translate Rammstein songs.
– You wished you drank beer because it’s cheaper than everything else on the menu – including water and coke!
– You call your cell phone a “handy”.
– Bread, cheese and cold cuts constitute dinner.
– You can name more German politicians than German actors / actresses.
– You heat each room in your house separately.
– You don’t drive anywhere that you can take a bus / tram / train to.
– Your ones look like sevens and your sevens are a molestation of a 7 and a T.
– You’ve watched “Pimp My Ride” on German MTV and consequently learned the term “aufmotzen” and other words you never learned in German class.


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