Me for Germany 2010

Life in Germany is my biggest desire. Why Germany? Simple, because my third language is Germany, after English and Indonesian. But unfortunately, I haven’t spoken German fluently. I need more practice to improve it. I can tell you, there aren’t so many people in Indonesia speak Germany. So I think all I have to do is fly to Germany, stay for a while and learn the language and the culture directly from the citizen. No matter what the way is, I’ll stay in German. I believe it will come true.

Besides the language and culture reason, I also have another reason. To mention such others:

  1. I just saw (on @photokina) and remember that every year there will be Photokina in Köln – Germany. In my opinion, no photographer in this world would refuse to attend Photokina. That’s the greatest and the most prestigious photography exhibition in the world. From the first time I knew photography, my biggest dream is to attend Photokina (I saw on magazine, Photokina was so awesome!). I believe, this year I would be there to meet lots of photographers from around the world and I would so crave for that equipments.
  2. To visit Erich Kästner Museum. I know for some of you it seems quite ridiculous. Why I have to visit Erich Käsnter Museum in Dressden? In my mini thesis I talked about significance of metaphor in one of Erich Kästner’s Children Roman “Das doppelte Lottchen”. The days before my final test, I promise to myself that I will visit his museum if I have a change to fly to Germany. I have the thought after I read his biography. I really want to say thanks to him directly :D.
  3. Have a very very very wonderful adventure around the Europe. I believe, if I stay there I will have more chance to take adventure around the Europe, at least I could visit Austria, Swiss, Nederland, Belgium, and others. It will be my unforgettable moments.
  4. Life in the country that has different culture with my country is also an adventure for me. In Indonesian, it’s a usual thing to see women with veil, but there? No, it isn’t. I wanna try to celebrate Idul Fitri, Idul Adha, and my birthday waaaayy from home without my lovely family. I wanna know what do they do on summer. I wanna know what do they cook for lunch. I wanna know how to drive a car on the right side the street, and others.
  5. As I mentioned before, I wanna improve my German. I hope my future family will pay for my German course there. There besides learn German, I will also meet people from another country who being in Germany for the same reason and way with me. New friends and new cultures to have 🙂
  6. And my biggest dream about living in Germany is simply to have my master degree there. I have to prepare my lil’ brain and money. I know it sounds a bit hard, but I have no hesitate to try. But that confusing me is I only can continue my study in the same major from my bachelor degree, which is Lingusitic, but my plan is to continue to media studies or photography. My friend got rejection letter from one university in Germany, because she was apply for majoring media studies, but she is bachelor of arts. If I couldn’t continue my study, maybe I will just take a photography course and try some luck to have a job as a photographer there.

Those are some of my reason about living in Germany. I need you to help me by pray for me 😉

So, what’s about yours? What is your dream this year?


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